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Harness your fear and make it your superpower.


How do you feel when you want to express yourself in your business, in groups, or on stage?

Do you feel great or terrified?

Or maybe you have crippling DOUBT in how to show up in your business?

What is the core of what you do - how do you speak to that? What if people don't respond, or reject you and what it is you do and offer ?

It's CLARITY that holds us back (not a feeling of self worth) - CLARITY IS KEY in moving forward.

My WomanSpeak Circle could be the perfect place for you to find your clarity and find your voice.

Do you feel a tad uncomfortable – get that knot in the tummy, or that dry mouth feel, or hot and sweaty all of a sudden at the thought of it?

If fear, doubt or lack of clarity has been holding you back in any way from speaking your truth and sharing your ideas and creativity in the world, join us in WomanSpeak. The methods you’ll learn are highly unique, super fun, and DEEPLY effective.

If you have been wanting to learn public speaking, or just want to feel more free, confident and clear speaking up for your business, or at work or at dinner parties, this is the place for you. The endeavor of WomanSpeak is to support you in feeling free to fully speak up and be your most authentic, clear and persuasive self in any situation that comes your way.


Maybe you want to speak on big stages?

Maybe you want to feel more confident and articulate in your team meetings?

Perhaps you want to be better able to share with others what you do in a succinct, meaningful, powerful way?


Awesome. I have something for you.

WomanSpeak Circles are designed to have women all over the planet gather regularly in groups to practice the art and soul of public speaking. Imagine a Transformational Toastmasters for women… but fun, supportive and grounded in supporting women in being fully authentic and rooted in their power and truth.

Most of the educational and corporate cultures in our society teach growth through focussing on what is wrong and needs to be fixed. This includes practices of critique, criticism and “feedback”. When these are given under the eye of looking at what is wrong or not enough, it misses the inherent wholensess of someones spirit and soul.

And when we don’t see or recognise the wholeness that always exists in someone, it creates environments where people feel unsafe and unseen. This promotes a level of inauthenticity and performance in people’s communication and way of being.

And that is the exact opposite of what WomanSpeak is about.


In WomanSpeak, we recognise the inherent wholeness, perfection and diamond of brilliance that is always here living at the centre of every woman.


We create an environment where that light of brilliance is recognised, clarified, celebrated and drawn out. In that supportive environment, a woman cannot help but blossom. And it makes the community and the classes safe and so much fun.

The nurturing space held allows women to work on improving and enhancing speaking and delivery techniques. And that is secondary to supporting women in feeling free to fully be themselves and to speak honestly, authentically and directly from the heart.

To be part of WomanSpeak Circle, you will pay the initiation fee (once off- covering your curriculum and membership to WomanSpeak), and then an ongoing monthly payment – and you choose how long you would like to be part of it (paying month by month). There is 16 months of unique content.
OR - pay for the ENTIRE 16 months up front, and get 3 of those months for FREE !

You can choose to do a “Pathway to Mastery” Certificate, being recognised for the skills and abilities you acquire through your time with WomanSpeak.

So, hop on over - SIGN UP FOR A ONE HOUR INTRODUCTORY SESSION (Just $15 - see button on the right) and learn more about what WomanSpeak could make possible for you. I can’t wait to celebrate you and your voice.

Attend an Intro Class


Fourth Thursday of Every Month at 6-7pm (ONLINE).

A link will be sent on registration.

*by clicking the below button you will be taken to Paypal. Your registration will be complete upon payment.


Join Chantal's Circle

E​very First & Third Thursday of the Month at 7pm

- Get the entire 16-month WomanSpeak program, for the total cost of only 13 months (that's 3 months free!) -

Brisbane WomanSpeak Circle is held @ Space in Kenmore Hills

(Cnr Paley & Branton Streets)

Join us for the Introductory Session (A$15), every 4th Thursday night of the month, from 6-7pm - to get a full taste of what WomanSpeak could offer you.


*by clicking the above button you will be taken to Paypal. Your registration will be complete upon payment.


*Spaces are limited to 15 women, so please get in quick to reserve your spot. Share this page link with other women you think might be interested to come along.

Ready to speak your truth?

Click the below button to join my Brisbane WomanSpeak circle.

Watch my interview with KC Baker, founder of WomanSpeak.

3 day Byron Bay Immersive "Foundation Course" ​15-17th November 2019


Don't have time to join us regularly in a WomanSpeak Circle, twice a month ?

Thats all ok - I have something magical for you !

Join KC Baker in person (out from Sedona, Arizona), and myself for our SECOND immersive intensive "Foundations Course" - 15-17th November 2019 in Byron Bay. This is the perfect for any woman from across Australia or New Zealand who could benefit from an IMMERSIVE 3 day experience, who cant attend a regular circle where they are located or cant squeeze the regular practice in (and for those who want to DEEPEN their regular practice too !).

Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:
  • How to write a compelling, memorable thought leadership based talk so that your message comes through loud and clear.
  • How to transform any fear or self-doubt about public speaking into ease and authentic confidence.
  • How to deliver your message powerfully, purely and in a way that deeply moves and motivates your listeners.
  • What charisma really is and how to claim it for yourself.
  • What charisma really is and how to claim it for yourself.
  • How to clarify what you stand for and say it in a way that captivates.