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Empowering others to create, nurture and transform themselves into their most potent self.

Welcome, I'm Chantal.

I'm passionate about empowering heart-centred people in crystallising, stepping up, and achieving their visions and dreams, and I've made this my lifelong career pursuit across many disciples, communities and individuals.

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June 2019

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Want to deepen your “Christmas Presence”? Join us for a FREE 7 day Challenge

// Christmas Presence – 7 day free series // Join me, and an incredible community for 7 days of Christmas Presence…. Generosity of your presence, intention, and attention is FELT…
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2020 – You Beautiful Year. What am I up to this year?

Hey There YOU !!! Thanks for finding me here on my website- if you are new, or been around for a little while – I would love to re-introduce myself.…
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What has been the MOST painful part of my last 23 years of my professional career ?

You know what the most painful part of the last 20 years of my professional life has been? Its feeling like I was not living my full potential. Like I…
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