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Reset & Recharge your body & mind


Ready for a September Reset & Recharge Month ?

What is the Gut Reset & Recharge Program?

The Gut Reset & Recharge Program is a 5 week supported journey to reboot your gut health. The program includes a first week of “preparation” (of mindset, pantry, recipes, meal plans, and an understanding what your body will go through physically and emotionally), and a month of “gut cleansing” (taking the gut cleanse & restore supplements, and avoiding foods such as stimulants and inflammatory style foods - sugar included!), whilst increasing the amount of good nutritious foods.

I understand that this journey is not just about taking things out of your diet and taking a few supplements. It’s so much more than that. This is an emotional and practical lifestyle journey too.

The gut is the cornerstone of our overall wellbeing.
If you want to take care of your health - take care of your gut.
I have been running a Gut Health Program twice a year for the past 3 years (over 500 people have been part of this already) typically May and November.

Why this program will interest you....
Here are the facts:

  • You have 10x more bacteria in your gut than you have cells in your body
  • Ideally in that "biome" of gut bacteria - about 80-85 percent of bacteria are good guys and 15-20 percent are bad guys (that ratio can be altered by different diets/ toxins you may uptake....leading to health/ digestion/ immunity challenges)
  • Your Gut is your "second brain"...this system is home to 100 million neurons within your intestinal wall
  • 90% of your serotonin (feel good/ happy hormone) and other neurotransmitters are produced in your gut
  • About 60-70 percent of your immune system exists in your gut
    So with the gut playing a HUGE role in emotional stability, mood management, clear thinking, immunity - and just generally "feeling great" - you NEED to take good care of your gut....and that is why a regular supported CLEANSE AND RESTORE (RESET & RECHARGE) program is an excellent idea......

Some of the reasons that people join me for this gut cleanse month:

"I’m sick for the second time within 3 weeks and am generally run down...."
Would love for you to join us on the Gut Health Reboot Program - boosting immunity will happen !
"I have little kids, not making the best food choices, and I feel exhausted"
Following this program, gives your digestive system a rest and a reboot will do wonders for your energy and vitality and sleep! We make it easy with meal plans, and full proof, delicious, family friendly recipes.
"I know I have got some unhealthy habits....and I cant seem to get out of them"

"I have tried many other detoxes/diets/ways of eating, but have not had success in sticking to them, primarily because of the lack of support (and accountability), whereas the support was a major part of this program. Do this won't regret it" Belinda Baker (July 2017).

"After doing the Gut Reset & Recharge Program - I feel so much better and healthier, in myself, emotionally. I have so much energy and felt great overall, my skin felt amazing. Learning the different foods and how to put them together, swapping out some ingredients, slight changes wasn't hard & was family friendly. I have already been talking to friends about how great it has been for me. So I would let them know about the resources, and support during the program." Rebecca (Bec Marks) (July 2017). 

"I really appreciated the highly informative and holistic approach that was taken to delivering this program, so we had all the resources, tools and support networks we needed to take on a gut cleanse and complete it successfully. My previous efforts have been a little disjointed, so actually doing the cleanse and knowing I was on the right track was really important to me. I felt my energy levels and brain function improved significantly." Miya Isherwood (July 2017).

For the first time in 37 years I am regular and not suffering excruciating pains in the tummy. I also managed to lose 6kg as well.  The best thing from this program for me, is Being regular for the first time ever! Losing the weight was an added bonus!! If you are thinking of doing this program - I would say go for it! Josh van Limbeek, (July 2017)

I experienced multiple changes from increased energy levels, less bloating, better bowel movements, better quality sleep, less moody, more motivation in general, better concentration, better focus both physically and mentally and my allergies I usually get with my eyes went away completely. I feel like I can breathe better and I'm less stuffy. I feel the happiest and healthiest I've been in years! I will definitely be doing the next cleanse!  The best part of the program for me, was being able to create better habits. I encourage everyone to do this program – you will finish the cleanse feeling like a whole new woman/man! Both physically and mentally. Nikki Olsen, (Nov 2017).

During a cleanse you often get the physical cleanse but I was surprised how much of an emotional cleanse I got from this program as well. The content was great I think knowing other people were doing it and if you were having a bad day you could reach out and get some tips was a really key part to getting the full benefits of the cleanse and not just quitting when you had a bad day. Do it as part of the group! You will get more support, direction and further benefits with all the tips and advice that comes out of doing it with others and not sure on your own. Crystalla, November 2017

This program has shown me that with the elimination of certain foods, my brain becomes clearer, I sleep even better and have more energy. While I did not loose much weight, I feel lighter, no bloating and surprisingly the cravings for sugar, alcohol or coffee were hardly noticeable. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts when I introduce everything. The best outcome for me is that I know I could survive without any of then and find alternatives. I did a similar program last year – but the support went into sleep mode after the first week and it was a great disappointment. However, this program was such an extremely positive experience on every level. I really appreciate the webinars, Q&As, lively FB group. To know that you are not alone is important and to be able to reach out to share any experiences, positive or challenging, has helped me tremendously to get through November. If you are thinking of doing this program - definitely do it! There are only wins along the way and it is not as hard as I thought it would be. You gain so much out of this program to support your health, mind and to make better choices in the future. Kathrin Hofman, December 2017.

“We found our energy levels and overall health has increased dramatically. Our knowledge of what foods work for us and which don’t has been an eye opener and explains so many of our symptoms prior to the program.
The best part of the program has been learning what we should be eating, how to alter meals to be more compliant 
It is absolutely worth it for the education, health and well-being benefits you gainWe will definitely do this again at some stage, Sandi and Ian Roelofs, Nov 2018

I feel 'lighter' and 'fresher', my skin has never been so clear! It has definitely helped me to feel better - no more bloating or gut upset!! Eating different foods, some I'd never tried before and found I really like - coconut yoghurt - and will continue to eat. Removing coffee as a daily habit. I'm not sure at the moment when or if I'll re-introduce it. I'm feeling great without it! 
It is an amazing way to take control of your eating and whilst it is hard at times, the month lead up was a fantastic introduction to prepare for the cleanse month. Do it - you'll feel soooo much better for it! Yes, yes, yes looking forward to the next cleanse. Karen, December 2018

I don’t feel heavy and bloated anymore, I have regular bowls movements, which is huge for me as I relied on coffee to get things moving! I just feel happier and not as stressed! It wasn’t an easy month but I would definitely do it again. I love that I can now fit into my skinny jeans and having regular bowel moments. Donna Shannon, December 2018

The biggest change for me was a feeling of lightness throughout my body, improved skin condition, and an established routine of healthy food.” Shannon Jenning, June 2018

“I feel healthy! I have no bloating, heart burn or digestive issues! They have gone! My Digestzen is gathering dust lol! I feel mentally cleared and motivated, I’m back exercising regularly and to top it all off I’m down 8kg in the cleanse month alone! Best thing I have done for myself, and I hope to inspire others to get on board! Thank you! If you are thinking of doing this…just do it - best thing you can do for yourself! You won’t look back! “ Leanne Stephen, June 2018

“My gut feels so much better. No rumbling sounds or discomfort the whole time” Janine Sweet, June 2018

Cutting out wheat has been so good for me. I’m not bloated anymore and I have so much more energy and clarity. It’s also been really good for me to see how strong I can actually be and if things don’t go according to plan to not be too hard on myself. I would highly recommend doing this cleanse to anyone who is feeling tired and generally not well it’s really worth it!! My husband did the cleanse with me and although he didn’t lose weight (I think because of the stress and craziness of his job) he says he has so much more energy and general well being and he wants to try and keep eating as clean as he can. Thanks so much for your support and excellent program. “ Jacqui Sutherland, June 2018

"I feel more balanced within myself. I am now able to understand my body needs, emotionally and physically. This has helped me control my emotional well being and start to remove toxic environments too. This month long program is amazing for the body and soul, and with the support of the others in the program, can make a massive difference in such a short amount of time. I am coming back for more... with my team! This program has been incredible for hubby and I" Bec Beardmore NOV 2019

"Having the recipe support was crucial for me and showed me that there are possibilities to substitute ingredients so that eating can still tantilise the taste buds. My body feels so much cleaner inside and I have noticed other small, but significant changes in my way of eating. 
The best part of the programme is feeling the changes in my body and that lovely feeling of peace within.
Thanks so much Chantal. I have discovered another depth to my lifelong journey with food and self awareness.Sharna NOV 2019

If you would like to reset your health and feel great then I'd definitely do this program a couple of times a year.” Tracey Gibson NOV 2019

It’s worth every cent – I would definitely do this program again Peta NOV 2019

“I feel like my whole body has had a complete refresh like someone has hit a reset button - I definitely can feel the improvements and benefits on having done the program - it was hard but well worth it. The best thing for me, was feeling much better internally and my mind feels so much more lighter and clearer as well.”
”  Charlene Price, NOV 2019

I have struggled with chocolate/caffeine addiction for as long as I can remember. Although I will continue drinking coffee, I’ve cut down. And I’m glad to say I’ve stopped my chocolate addiction and that’s a huge step. Thank you!” Sarah Wellington, NOV 2019

“The best thing for me - paying more attention to my body, learning what it prefers and would rather not have. I am generally feeling better. I am looking after myself instead of just coasting.” Linda, NOV 2019

The most significant change was that for 20 years I've experienced everyday bloat that has ultimately made me need clothes that are 1 or 2 sizes bigger then my true size. While on the gut cleanse I dropped 2 sizes. I felt so fresh, clean and nourished. This program is so well thought out. I can't stop telling people about it. I'll be back and with more people joining me next time too! Bec Stokes, NOV 2019

“My gut health has improved dramatically. I have a couple of gut conditions [that contradict each other] I’ve struggled with my weight the last couple of years which I never did before. I’ve lost almost 4 kilos and the bloating has gone. I can only put it down to the nutrition and supplements. It has been a game changer for me and intend to continue. My advice to anyone contemplating this program - Do It. Thankyou Chantal. It’s been an amazing experience. It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated and definitely doing it again.” Angela Bell, NOV 2019

What do you get throughout September ?

  • Weekly interactive webinars
  • FB support - group coaching and community
  • Mindset Support, Mediation guidance and Mindful Eating Practices
  • Over 10 Recipe E-Books and supportive resources.....
  • Vegetarian options
  • And so much more.......

You will need to purchase your own dōTERRA Gut Cleanse & Restore Supplements to support your digestive system through the cleanse.....and if you don't already have a wholesale account - I can help you with that !


Next Gut Reset & Recharge
September 2020


What is included in the Gut Reset & Recharge Program ?

  • LOTS of practical tools - aimed at supporting busy, stressed mums !
  • Support within an active closed Facebook Community from a nurturing coach with a background in science, mindset coaching and passionate foodie (and I am a practical down to earth mum - making this easy for everyone!)
  • Over 10 e-books including recipe books (slow cooker recipes [with vegetarian option available], snack recipes, dressing recipes, and more), meal plans, and other resources to help you understand why some foods are avoided, and how to manage stress
  • Weekly Webinars with replays available
  • An “e-Toolkit” including a starter recipe booklet, journal for your cleansing preparation and month, and a fridge magnet of the protocol of supplements to follow - for you to download.
  • Mindful eating practices and meditation

How do I participate in the next Gut Reset & Recharge Program ?

  1. Purchase your Gut Reset & Recharge Month,​. This will give you access to coaching, recipes and support.

  2. Purchase your dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit to support you in the Gut Reset & Recharge (and you will get some FREE gifts from me !!!)

  3. Join the closed Facebook community specific to your Gut Reset & Recharge for connection with other participants, recipes, food substitution ideas and support. You will be sent a link closer to the start of your purchased Gut Reset & Recharge dates.