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What has been the MOST painful part of my last 23 years of my professional career ?

You know what the most painful part of the last 20 years of my professional life has been?

Its feeling like I was not living my full potential.

Like I had so much more to give.

That gap between feeling like I could be doing/ being more – and where I was in an unhappy place was very painful.

Like I was stuck in positions that I made the decision “that’s what I am going to do” in my late teens/ early 20.

But I had evolved, and I was getting to know myself as an adult.

I felt like I was to do more with my strengths and ability, and where my heart was leading me.

I wanted to find my joyful happy space in doing things that filled me with purpose and joy day by day.

No – it wasn’t pure marine science. But a step in the direction of working with local coastal communities – and then with Aboriginal communities ….that was a step in the right direction – where I learnt a lot about myself, and where I could use my heart, experience and skills in great ways.

Those baby steps.

From position to position and consultancy to consultancy – I learnt SO much about myself.

Those baby steps in the direction of our curiosity…have to be taken, if we are to be led to the direction of our dreams.

Those steps took me away from working for Government and other organisation – to start my own business, and create my day to day life.

I would LOVE to invite you to take a baby step with me – if you are curious about:

– Developing a residual income stream (whether you are a GP, nurse, yoga instructor, lawyer, teacher, graphic designer, OT, stay at home mum – any of the above,….this is a great business to start

– You are passionate about helping others, and you would like to run in-person and online essential oil education events (you have me to coach and mentor you) – and perhaps create your own program (I can assist you there too !)

– You are coachable, have a tenacity to give this home based business a go, and be supported by a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals

– You know you want to develop yourself, and don’t know where to start. It’s a well known fact that dōTERRA is really a self development business wrapped around a little brown bottle.

Whether you want to :

– DIP YOUR TOE in to see if this is for you OR

– TAKE SOME BABY STEPS to start small and see where this could take you OR

– DIVE IN THE DEEP END and start by giving this your all….

I would love to support you in any of those ways.

I am the real deal.

I dont hide behind a pretty graphic and a fancy funnel of carefully curated content to lure you into a made up world.

My world is real – and its exciting and supportive to me and my family.

And it’s growing rapidly.

I work hard day by day to make my dōTERRA and WomanSpeak businesses thrive – and I would love to pass on what has worked for me – with people who are ready and keen to learn directly from and be mentored by me.

So if your curiosity is keen to know more – and make your first baby (obligation free) step – please message me and we will chat.

I have various positions in my business ready to fill – from leadership positions (if you are keen to hit the ground running, by diving in a deep end), or baby steps to learn the ropes first…..I am sure there is something for you.

Try this for a season or a lifetime – see if this is a fit for you.

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