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2020 – You Beautiful Year. What am I up to this year?

Hey There YOU !!!

Thanks for finding me here on my website- if you are new, or been around for a little while – I would love to re-introduce myself.

My name is Chantal Roelofs and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I have several businesses which help people to increase the quality of their inner landscape….their mindset, their nervous system, neuro-chemistry, and gut health – so people can feel AWESOME all the time in their life, and not just when they go on holidays or doing something they are doing to “take time out”.

I am interested in all those spaces in between, heightening all the “ordinary” moments – and helping people to FEEL their best and highest quality life from the inside out.

And yes I am SERIOUS about this….I am passionate about how people FEEL – as I am an INTENSELY feeling person (and for many years, thought something was wrong with me, with the intensity I would feel things), and have acquired and developed many tools and techniques and programs to navigate all of life with practical and energetic techniques, and to help people GREATLY enhance internal wellbeing – their mental state, their nervous system state, their gut health state, and their natural self care regime (affecting every cell in their body).

You get the picture….I deeply care about and help people with their internal state.

How do I do that?

Several ways:

// Create a holistic and natural lifestyle support with dōTERRA ESSENITAL OILS – emotional, physical, energetic, lifestyle solutions at your finger tips. If you dont have your oils, and dont know how to get the most out of them…please message me. TRULY – no-one can be without these oils as their “turn to” for all of life’s challenges. These are mind-boggling deeply healing and therapeutic.

// I head up WOMANSPEAK Australia – helping women with the art and soul of public speaking from a deeply feminine place – running a WomanSpeak Circle in Brisbane twice a month for the last 3 years, a 4 day intensive in Byron Bay once a year, and train new WomanSpeak Leaders all over the globe to set up Circles in their communities.

// I am an AROMATOUCH Technique Trainer – providing full day training in a deeply healing technique using 8 essential oils in a sequence, combining eastern knowledge of chi and meridian lines, and western knowledge of the autonomic nervous system….running classes regularly in Brisbane, and looking to hold a class in Sydney (with my awesome friend Michelle Fragias).

// I run a 30 Gut Reset and Recharge Program twice a year (for last 3 years), and have have almost 600 people through my program – with a focus on eliminating typical inflammatory foods, bringing in 7 x doterra natural supplements which cleanse and restore the biome of the body – with very very practical support of extremely tasty recipe booklets, inspirational journalling, weekly webinars, and group coaching in a private FB community. There is a huge focus on the emotional side of the cleanse…..and people come out FEELING better than they have in a very very very very long time. The results in better sleep, more efficient gut health, removing emotional attachments to foods, creating better habits, swapping more delicious foods – for what may have been in the diet, better mood and emotional stability, and some people (although its not the focus of the program) also experience significant weight loss.

And I am studying a 2 years Masters of Meditation Teacher Training, which brings a whole other dimension to all that I do….Meditative practice, bringing a stillness to ones life – increasing the health of biome, genome and our physical brain – is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, our families, our friends, our community, and – as Eckart Tolle notes “The Universe”.

“To meet everyone and everything through a state of stillness, instead of mental noise is the greatest gift to the universe” Eckart Tolle

If you dont have a meditation practice yet – PLEASE START….message me to find out when my classes, immersions and events are.

Oh and one last thing…

As a qualified LIFE/ MINDSET COACH – I only take on less than half a dozen clients a year… give them full 1:1 support (with any of the above) over a period of time.

​Contact me if this interests you and we can work out a package for you.

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