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How to make a deep self care practice – “A Success”

I am currently running my 5th Gut Cleanse Program “Gut Reset and Recharge”….and love seeing people get great results very quickly into the program.

Here are some “success” tips that I shared with this group – in how to get the most from a gut cleanse – but I think some of these items can be applied to complement any deep self-care practice:

// Prioritise this deep self-care practice, by putting additional focus on you. You are worth it.

// Consistently turn up for you, keep your focus on you, and don’t slip into reaction mode to those around you

// Keep your supplements and your journal within easy reach – like the kitchen bench, or dining table. Its easier to remember to keep on track when these items are visible in your everyday living

// Having a plan of what you will eat, what you will snack on, and what supplements you need to be consuming, ahead of time

// Prepare your pantry and fridge (eliminating items you truly want to steer away from), and stock up on delicious nutritious allowable foods

// Invest in a slow cooker – to make delicious meals to come home to, and you can batch cook a number of DELICIOUS meals at once. Its a good feeling to have “dinner underway” by the time you finish breakfast

// Mindset – be gentle on yourself. Guilt ridden and harsh thoughts – turning into emotions, will have a more damaging chemical signatures and impact on your body – than a once of “non-allowable” food or beverage. So if you do happen to find yourself consuming something not in alignment during the cleanse (like a champagne at a friends birthday party, or a bit of birthday cake) – give yourself a rush of good emotional chemicals by affirming something good about yourself or the situation. Own it and enjoy it fully. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ONE !

// When you feel a bit “wobbly” with it all – lean into the community you find around you (for instance a FB community). A community around you can support you through whatever it is the you are going through – and is actually a KEY part of peoples success in changing habits/ behaviours etc..

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