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Immersive 2.5 day WomanSpeak Immersive Experience 29th June – 1st July in Byron Bay

Women Australia….I don’t want you to miss out…..

There is still time……….

This is the best investment you can make in yourself……seriously. I know – as I have done this course before, and would do it again in a flash. Actually I will be there !!

At the end this month, is the greatest opportunity to immerse yourself in training, from one of the BEST speech coaches and mentors for women in the world today – and its happening in Byron Bay. 

You will be learning from a woman who is a:

// 2 x TED Speaker, 

// UN invitee….invited to bring these techniques to the United Nations (yes – she had 3 days at the UN to teach women leaders her transformative techniques)

// Coach and Mentor to thousands of women in this world today – and. many thought leaders you gain so much from (Kc is their coach)

Not only is she is a master coach – Kc Baker is also one of the most genuinely caring women I know. She gives so much of herself in these trainings (which means you will feel deeply seen, heard and cared for). 

Her mission in life is to help women find and share their voice….and she is making this happen in all four corners of the globe…Her vision is BIG…and to learn from her in person is an excellent life choice. 

This is the best investment you can make in yourself……becoming a more expansive version of yourself……and her teachings pull more out of you – more than you ever thought you had inside…

She has never been to Australia before…this is the first training offered here….and no plans to return. So you have to make the most of her time…..

I invested 3 x this amount – to do this training in Sedona, Arizona in February of last year…..(and that was so worth it….but you get this without the travel expense)

KC Baker will be here leading Australia FIRST WomanSpeak Foundation Courses, and you WILL be different at the end of your 3 days. I know – I have experienced this myself….

Ready to join us (you will regret not stepping into this….and there are payment plans so you can disperse the investment over time)…click here:

Here is what a few woman thought leaders throughout the world say about Kc Baker (you may recognise some names….)

~ KC Baker’s work in the world helps women reclaim the power of their voices — brilliantly. ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup, New York Times Bestselling Author: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

~ In an incredibly productive two-hour intensive session, KC analyzed my TED Talk and showed me where and how I had squandered the impact of my “diamond insights”. I am on a tight budget, but this was the best investment I have ever made in myself. ~ Roz Savage, TED Speaker, First Woman to Row Three Oceans, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010.

~ I have to say that I wouldn’t nail Fox News Channel hits each week without her! She helped me discover what was holding me back, worked me through it almost overnight, and truly helped me capture the essence of who I am and express it. I’m definitely a fan! ~ Kym McNicholas, Emmy Award Winning News Reporter, Forbes Reporter and Executive Producer of Pando Daily.

~ After over 30 years of giving speeches, I’d stopped speaking because it so terrified me… I just couldn’t do it anymore. Every time I got in front of an audience, I wanted to throw up in sheer terror. Yesterday, I just gave my very first speech in 2 years…and because of my work with you, it was a totally different experience. Everything you said REALLY worked. I had a great time up on stage for the first time EVER! I got so many standing ovations. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. ~ Barbara Stanny, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Overcoming Underearning, Secrets of Six Figure Women, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.

PS – I can chat with you more about this…I have time in the coming week, so message me if any of the above speaks to you…

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