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Thanks 2017 – a wonderful year to reflect on…

Thanks 2017….what an amazing year.

How has 2017 been for you?

Today is a great time to reflect…..

Thankyou to all the most amazing people I am blessed and honoured to be connected with….thats you…..I pinch myself with the life I now get to lead and enjoy every moment, what I get to share, and the connections I make, and everything I get to do.

// Every oil bottle I open and share..

// Every class I plan and organise, and invite special souls too, and what they get to experience at my events…

// Every person I get to sit next to in courses/ trainings/ on the plane/ waiting in airports……I find the magic in all of that…(spaces in between are so important to me), and magical people turn up in my life…..

// Every person at every class, with an open mind exploring what essential oils can do for them….

// Every woman who joins me on the WomanSpeak journey and what that means to her – exploring how she wants to dive into herself more, and express herself more…

// The women I get to connect with through training new WomanSpeak leaders throughout the world – and the energy I experience flowing from these women, and their drive and “call” to also empower women around them, to hear their voices, their presence in thought leadership in the world…..its incredibly special, and an honour to do so…

And then next year is asking me to be more and experience more – I can feel it already…

My Sisterhood Circle of two days ago (now an annual thing) is such a special time to get together with soulful woman and reflect, go deep, journal and put out intentions for next year. This year I was already expecting words like “grace and ease” to be at the forefront I what my year next year would be focussing on.

But no.

My word for next year is “Honouring”.

Honouring myself more and spending time working out what that means, how that feels and what I do from day to day to make that a reality. I still dont know what this word really means for me – as I can get caught up in “doing, creating, moving forward etc etc” (I find it so hard to switch off), but I do know I am creating more time moving inwards….so I will be working out how to do that….

That is my focus for next year.

As for the year that has gone – so many highlights for me throughout this year: 

// Seeing my girls bloom and grow and spend gorgeous amount of time with them – time on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sea World, Australia Zoo, Lone Pine, time cooking at home, picnics…so many fun times

// First travel overseas in 10 years (and ended up traveling to many gorgeous places. OS destinations included Fiji, Arizona, Utah, Canada and Alaska and experienced training and courses and personal development opportunities like I never have before…

// Launched the Gut Health Reboot Program with Lisa Marie and Vanessa Lee Vickery. We  ran it twice, and will be running it every 6 months, and it just gets better and better….its so good…

// My dōTERRA essential oils business, in collaboration with all the gorgeous souls I work with in Australia and OS, grew to a “Diamond Level” and keeps growing and growing oh so beautifully. I am in love with the products, the business model (conscious, ethical and oh so efficient)….

// Attended my first dōTERRA convention and Gala in the US (incredible experience – everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime), and also attended the Australian dōTERRA convention and Gala (Gold Coast), the leadership retreat (stayed with 5 friends in an apartment in Perth), Mastermind cruise from Canada to Alaska…and my generous friend Jessie Reimers held her first leaders retreat for her team in the hinterland of Byron Bay….which was also a life-changing experience.

// My WomanSpeak Circle has been running for over a year now. I undertook a Foundation Course and Level One training in Sedona, Arizona for a week in February this year, and I was invited to be a WORLD leader trainer (one of only 2) by the course creator KC Baker.

// Launched first cooking e-book “Summer Essential Foods” with Vanessa Lee of Becomingness this month..

How is your 2018 looking? What have you got planned? I would love to hear….

Wishing you all the very very very best for 2018 – thanks for being a part of mine….

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