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What I Didn’t Know 18 Months Ago

18 months ago I would never have expected such a soul journey saying big “yes” to Jessie Reimers to join her in her Essential Oils business.

I was drawn to Jessie for her personal attributes which I had witnessed (and was impressed by) online – her social advocacy work – always approaching and tackling issues with a great base of ethics, integrity, fire in her belly, big heart, feistiness and a whole lot of sassiness too. Her focus is always bigger than her own self interest. She got amazing results to what she put her mind to. My kind of woman !! When she started holding essential oils classes – I questioned – for her to align herself with a company and a product….I knew I had to know more.

It was the ethics of doTERRA as a company – the way it works in a community development model in sourcing their oils from endemic locations, in partnership with Indigenous communities that sold me – yes – this is a great company. And the oils were kind of amazing –  so in their purity and potency and their therapeutic value.. The fact they are so pure, no preservatives, additives or fillers or carrier oil,  and way beyond an organic grade…. I can cook with 28 of them – was a revelation for me.

But it isn’t the oils or the sourcing which is the mind blowing part of what I do…..its the business model and the empowerment and the self development that comes with building a dōTERRA business which is truly life changing…..And the friendships that dōTERRA conveniently filter for you…..people who love conscious ways of living, love natural solutions, positive, motivated for a better life, willing to invest in supreme quality, educate and empower themselves and others with wellbeing solutions – are amazing. Seriously – I know the best friends of my life I have met in the last 18 months through dōTERRA ……and meeting more amazing women all the time. The kind of women I am meeting that have become close friends are:

// Using their residual incomes from doTERRA to fund their philanthropic work internationally

// Support social enterprises (e.g. for people with mental disabilities) to develop sustainable income streams

// Support education initiatives in PNG

// Support environmental conservation work in South America

And this is the exciting future I get to step into too…..(away from grant writing with cap in hand to government -I get to fund projects close to my heart – this business model rocks !!!)

My good friend Ura Auckland wrote just recently (and he is a writer and an author – with an amazing way with words) “I didn’t expect such profound wisdom to be found in a direct sales organisation, let alone such abundance, let alone absolute congruence with my path as an Author seeking to impact consciousness and empowerment across the planet, but that’s the package my gift came in, and I am so grateful!…….[and goes on to say]…One of the lessons I have learned in my life is that the prize never looks like you’d expect it to. The holy grail is hidden in plain sight, and is not the ornate Golden Goblet you thought it was. Turns out it’s hidden in an MLM Trojan Horse, and only those with the wisdom to see it may drink from its cup”. I just adore what Ura captured….and needed to share this, and its what so many of us are experiencing as we grow our dōTERRA businesses.

My business is growing rapidly, with my team across Australia, France, Germany, Costa Rica and New Zealand. Iif you feel called to experience these oils, and find out if building an oils business is a good fit for you – please message me, and I would love to talk with you more about it.

Its a perfect fit if you:

– love natural solutions

– love the pure botanical power that essential oils can provide

– love to learn and research, and informed choice

– you are determined and tenacious

– focussed and coachable

– willing to nurture and grow others

– know it won’t be easy to grow the business – but willing to learn and make it work (like anything in life!!)

– want freedom in your life (financial, time)

– you want a business model to work for you to support the life you want to live…

– align with an outstanding and ethical company with a culture of pure heart and a business model second to none.

I would love to hear from you.

I have a very special leaders position in my team – and would love for you to join me if you feel called to. I am looking for someone to invest time, resources and energy into. I am an empowerment coach..and know I was born to do this – so would love to help you get your business off the ground. Is it you ??????

Even if you don’t want to build a business…but want to use these oils in your personal life – please go to and hit “join and save” to open a wholesale account to access the oils through an ongoing online account personalised to you.

And if you are interested in the business …. message me – and we can set up a time to talk.

I look forward to it !!

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