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Essential Oil Solutions For You + September Classes

Have you ever been interested or drawn to the powerful & wonderful world of essential oils?

But need to know more?

These little bottles are POWERFUL natural solutions…..and I would love to show you.

In my past I have had powerful experiences with Clary Sage in birthing, Lavender to calm and soothe me – and I remember one of the best massages I had in Cairns, the masseur used the oils of Black Pepper and Rosemary on me.

And then I got to experience oils so pure that I could cook with them. 28 of them !!! And they were Indigenously sourced throughout the world (which I have written about HERE) – which really floated my boat (being a seagrass scientist from way back……..this meant a lot to me).

And as a Coach – found these oils to be VERY powerful emotionally supporting my clients.

dōTERRA pure and potent essential oils benefits are never ending…. you have the ability to empower your family with alternate health solutions.

I carry essential oils and made up roller balls in my bag at all times now….. For example…

// My own unique pure-fume (Frankincense, Bergamot, and Clary Sage is my customised scent)

// Sleep support blend for the girls to calm or encourage rest time

// First aid blends for cuts, grazes, insect bites, etc

// Immunity support

// Skin serums

// Tea blends of oils (think chai OR ginger and lemon OR ginger/ grapefruit/ lime and lemongrass

The power of the oils doesn’t stop there either,

// Create a toxin free home that smells divine (using the oils and simple ingredients like white vinegar and bicarb of soda)

//Provide emotional and mood management

// Make your home environment calming, restful and an aromatic sleep sanctuary

// Provide physical support

// Vibrant infused cooking with oils

And…on top of that… get an holistic understanding of the company #doTERRA and where the oils are sourced… and how this company is supporting and empowering local communities in those countries (e.g. – raised the local wage of vetiver farmers by 500% in Haiti alone).

I’m seriously passionate about the use of these oils (I have been using since April of last year), and would love to share that with you all…

Essential Oil solutions for emotional health, physical health, creating a sanctuary, creating a chemical free home could be just the answer for you.

For anyone new to these oils – I offer a Skype Session to learn about these oils, and how they can be tailored to your particular (or your families) needs.  Contact me through HERE to line up a free 1 hour consultation. I’ll even send you a couple of samples in the mail.

OR – if you are Brisbane based, come along to one of my free Introductory classes, or other workshops that I have on offer (see Poster Below).

For more information about the oils, or classes…contact me (through HERE), and I would be thrilled to chat more about the multitude of benefits of these oils…..

OR….Go right ahead and order exactly what you would like to order through:

To get started with the your kit CLICK HERE and choose your Language and Country you want to ship to. On the next page you will you will need to choose OTG Australia Warehouse. Choose the WHOLESALE PRICES option, fill in your details, then add the $35 introductory enrollment packet and type in the names of what you want below. OR purchase an enrolment kit to suit your needs (I think the Home Essentials Kit provides for the best value).

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