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Empowerment of Others….helping others to achieve their goals

Do you know what my actual business is about….and has been for the last 10 years? Whats the baseline thread that is woven into everything I do?

Empowerment of others.

I am more than happy that I don’t have answers – and work with people to find tailored solutions for them. I am not the expert of anyone…..and I never will be. That is you – and I love working alongside you to find the best solution and plan of action that is going to work.

This is what fills my heart and fills my cup.

– Empowerment is what saw me say goodbye to a permanent marine scientist position with State Government – to work for an Aboriginal NGO to coordinate a large project to see Cultural Values listed on the National Heritage List. Other goals kicked – all Aboriginal employment, establishment of an all Aboriginal IP committee (and partnership with the UN University), innovative practical and real time cultural heritage mapping training program established to record cultural heritage providing tutor positions to Elders (and participation rate unseen by TAFE before)

-Empowerment saw me work closely with Traditional Owners to develop what the concept of Sea Country Planning looked like for their Country, according to their Lore. This more empowered planning process saw so much leverage of investment….and continued for many years to come

– Empowerment saw me take my extensive visioning and planning consulting roles, and adapt that to Life Coaching – so I got to work (and continue to work) with people whilst prioritising myself and my family, of being at home as a breastfeeding mum (and yes …..still breastfeeding 3 years on) – and see amazing goals achieved by my clients. One rang two days ago – to thank me extensively for gaining clarity on goals and vision, and their course to deliver to the world – seeing them paid close to $200K as a high performance coach – based on the work we had done together. And so many other wonderful results with clients…..who empower themselves.

– Empowerment sees me work with clients, wanting to live more in their heart space – and find an alternative way to living their life, rather than following blindly on a traditional lineal pathway of career which turns out unsatisfying – and people feel crippled to do anything about it. No – you do not need to continue in the career that you chose as a teenager – when you chose your university or vocational choice. The options are huge ! Providing people with growth mindset tools, gain clarity on what they really want to be doing in life – and making steps towards that is such an empowering process for many. I see peoples brilliance before they do – and I love to reflect that back to them. Its empowering !!

– Empowerment in teaching others about natural solutions at their fingertips in their home with pure and potent essential oils. Its assisting people not satisfied with the current medical model (and yes – its still important – but not the whole picture – and cant provide you with all your answers) – and not getting results that are satisfactory to them. I truly believe that health and wellbeing is for anyone to take hold of for themselves. Essential oils can play a HUGE role in promoting health and wellbeing – and I love working with people taking this more empowered position in their own self care.

-Empowerment is what saw me establish my popular Kombucha Making Class – so people can easily make their own pro-biotic, cheaply, in their own home. Gut health is so important – with more neurotransmitters in the gut than in our brains……so many people are not paying attention to their good bacteria in their gut, This is critical to help with mental health.

I believe more empowered ways of living – giving more credence to trusting the heart, and gut intuition leads to greater long term happiness, and a more fulfilled life, fulfilling purpose and rich ways of living.

Are the people who “live in their lives in their heads” – including the medical and scientific community the happiest around? Definitely not in my experience. They have access to all the “scientific research” that creates a happy life – but I cant say that their cohort is the happiest and healthy that I know. Far from it.

So – if you want to lead a more empowered life – I would love to work with you (if you are motivated, and will “do your work”) – though life and emergent business coaching, and/ or with empowering you with essential oils.

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