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Just Say….Yes

Do what excites your spirit

Just Say Yes

My favourite quote by Rumi is “Respond to every call that excites your spirit“.

This quote is essentially “Saying Yes” – when you feel excited in your body about something you are called to do.

Todd Henry (in “Die Empty“) quotes Dr Karl Pillemer – who interviewed hundreds of people (he calls experts due to their extensive life experience) aged later in life, and asked them to reflect on what they were most proud of, and what they most regretted about their choices. The experts concur on this one point:  “Say Yes”.

His interviews make clear that the experts who took a risk at a critical juncture were those who looked back with the greatest satisfaction on their work lives.  For many of the most successful elders, the “Say Yes” attitude formed their core approach to work. For others, missed opportunities proved a serious source of regret near the end of their lives.

Saying “Yes” – may not always work out for you in the way that you plan. BUT – its the unexpected experiences and lessons learnt along the way which provides so much fertile ground to grow from.

So my call to action for you is to “SAY YES“. What is it that you are going to regret putting on hold – when you look back through your life?

Tip into that “Yes” mindset…here are a few encouraging points to get you there:

Experiences are everything….so if you are offered a chance to “do something” jump at it

Do something outside you comfort zone. Saying “no” keeps you comfortable, and keeps you from growing. What can you say “yes” to that is exciting, albeit a bit uncomfortable ? This is the chance for growth.

Fail. read that right….Whatever you try…give it a go, and be proud of failing.It means you are “out there” and you are trying. This is one of the best shortcuts to success.  I hope you fail !

Use your discernment and gut feeling. There are many things it would be “unsafe” to say yes to. Know the difference between fear of the unknown, and fear which is helping to keep you safe from harm (physical, financial, emotional, mental etc).

What am I proud of saying “Yes” to:

To going out with Anthony – even though we were both marine scientists in a small team working closely together (desks next to each other) – and if something were to go wrong, one of us would have had to leave that workplace. It would have been easy to say “no”. But I am so glad I said “yes”. Here we are, still happily growing and evolving together 19 years later

Leaving a permanent State Government job and taking on a temporary role with a non-government body “The Aboriginal Rainforest Council” to lead their cultural heritage mapping and re-listing process. I learnt and grew so much from that role – with amazing connections to people and country. Even though it was hard and tough work (although oh so rewarding in many ways) – would do it again in a flash

Opting for natural birthing for both my girls (including one home-birth). Hypno-birthing brought both births to another level. Could have said “no” and gone “conventional” – but so glad I didn’t. Amazing experiences to cherish forever

Starting my own business 6 months ago. I said yes to developing my own way of working, and being with my family, and breastfeeding my two year old on demand. I said yes to the way that I want to engage with and be of service to people. I said yes to a life coaching course. I could have said no and looked for a conventional job – and that would have been safe. But not for me. Yes- has been my journey with developing my own business. Yes to speaking, yes to holding workshops, yes to on-line presence, & yes to collaborations where it felt right.

And the journey continues

If you had of asked my 16 year old, shy and anxious self if she saw herself as a dynamic life coach, consultant, blogger (that word wouldn’t have made sense back then), speaker, workshop facilitator….I would have probably vomited. Many times. All of that would have been way beyond any self belief or future vision than I had. But I know that the sum of all my “YES!”s, (small and big) has helped me get to the place where I feel so good in my day to day life, my decisions and the opportunities that present themselves to me.

“Yes” is so much bigger than just a word or a concept. It can be a philosophy to live and love your life by.

What are you going to say “Yes!” to today. Do you have a call which is exciting your spirit – and you know you have do something about it ?

I would love to hear about it……………..(say yes to leaving me a comment for a start 🙂 )

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