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Are You Pushing or Feeling A Pull ?

Do you have a feeling of that pull – or are you pushing in life to achieve what you want ? What energises you?

Its funny how a notion can pop up in several ways – until you sit up and take notice as to what it wants to say to you.  The concept of pushing or feeling the pull in life is one of these notions popping up for me everywhere at the moment.

I saw this above quote by Rumi about being silently drawn by the pull of what you really love – and immediately loved it. It reminds me to follow my intuition, that gut feeling of what I want to do, and it hasn’t led me astray.

Even the journey that pull takes you on is so rewarding, and sometimes you need to give up the focus on the end result to let that pull take you to even better places.

On the other side of the coin, I also remember as a 19 year old being impressed by a fellow science student on a field trip who said to me “I can get fired up about any topic” – and thinking how cool he was for turning up his passion for anything – (at the time it was about plankton and other micro-scopic organisms – sorry my inner nerd is coming out, but please read on !). Having that ability to turn up passion and drive for anything I thought was a pretty wonderful attribute in someone. I certainly have a lot of that. But how true am I being  to myself or my inner knowing if I can approach everything with that same turned up energy ? How discerning is this? Not very.

One thing I have learnt is that this passionate energy that could be applied to anything (this push) doesn’t have sustainability. It has an initial burst of energy, adrenaline and excitement, but there isn’t a longevity in it. The pushing will eventually become a chore. Unless you have that pull.

I recently heard Tony Robbins in an interview talk about how he doesn’t focus so much on food giving him energy – its the pull and purpose he feels for his work that gives him so much energy. Its pushing that drains you, while feeling that pull of being on a mission with your work is energising.

For me, my lifes pull is working with people and navigating novel ways to shape their journey to where they want to go (but the journey is really the best bit !). My journey has been to navigate away from a science career to one of working with people. I was pushing myself (in honour of my marine science qualification, I really WANTED to be recognised, valued and appreciated as a marine scientist) to do that work, and for many years, not understanding of the feeling of being off centre, and not completely happy where I was. I felt I should be so appreciative of my job, as it was a highly sought after job – one that so many people wanted. That was my ego talking, not my inner knowing or wisdom. I was pushing, not feeling the pull. My hobbies in throwing pots on a wheel and developing a small pottery under the house are what gave me energy at that time (hobbies can be so therapeautic !).

With my work in coaching and consulting, I now spend over an hour with a person on their initial session – find out so much about them, and I am buzzing at the end of it. I find time with people, holding that space for people, and gently asking questions to open up their mind and thinking process SO energising. I don’t know whats going to happen in a session – and I love that.

So how to stop the push and find your pull ? I think this kind of question underpins finding a persons life purpose. One first step is to make a list of at least 30 things that you find energising – could be anything. You might like walking through botanic gardens noticing different plant types, trying new sports, spending time with inspiring people, cooking, reading, planning and preparing for social get togethers ? Make the list and look for themes….there will be clues to your purpose in there….. Or alternatively, write the list of at least 30 things that you don’t like to do. Getting this list of what you don’t like, out of your system can also be wonderful to open you up to what you do like to do.

Are you feeling that you are pushing, or do you have a larger pull in your life ? Where is your energy coming from ? I would love to know…….

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