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Chantal Roelofs Coaching & Consulting

Welcome to you. Welcome to my new website.  So nice to have you here !

This is an exciting launch for me – combining my two passions for Coaching and Consulting. I am feeling such a strong pull in these directions – so its going to be an interesting journey to see what unfolds.

Coaching is the space that I enjoy one on one with people, working with them to delve deep to move forward.  Consulting is where I have the honour to work with groups making grounded steps towards their shared visions of the future. These are both pieces to the puzzle of what I love doing, what energises me and what makes me me ….focussing on people, creating new ideas, and moving forward.

I have no idea what the future holds – but I know through this space, I will enjoy catching up with old colleagues and friends, connecting to new friends and other special people who become part of my life.  The unknown is particularly exciting, and I know that the growth and journey that I will go on from here on is an exciting one.

Here is what I wish for the upcoming year:

I connect with you (yes – you!)  through this site – through posts, comments, newsletters, ideas, etc

I support amazing people through my coaching practice  (could be you or someone you know ?)

I have consulting contracts with a diverse range of work with a diverse range of groups

I hold a nurturing space for small groups of people to connect and plan their beautiful futures

I have launched a small  free e-book in 2015 (in draft now…watch this space)

I have been supported by my own coach to realise my dreams and visions for 2015

Ok – so now my intentions are “out there”. Lets see what happens.

Its going to be fun to reflect back on this first post in a years time to see how much has come true, how much I have changed, how my vision has changed, and the growth in the areas of work that I do.

To make sure you get regular updates, offers and my newsletter – please consider signing up to my subscription list – either below, or through the sidebar area. I have lots of good stuff, in the pipeline to send to you !! Thanks for reading.

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